Antwerp through my lens – from a different perspective

by | Mar 28, 2021

Starting off with a fun fact of myself. I truly love exploring places where people don’t usually go to or notice they’re there. Being at those left-behind places gives me a feeling I cannot describe, it’s like looking back at someone’s past where once someone was doing an activity or maybe there was something completey different.

I search for fractions and small details of the past, be it good or bad, history cannot be undone nor reversed as we cannot travel back in time. Although when we take photos we helped ourselves keeping memories and so preserve a bit of history in our own experience.

Usually its history is what I cannot tell unless I search about it online, or if I find a certain hint from the past. Like a date or description. History is where I’m fond of and I wish I started way earlier with photography so I could have captured a lot more history through my lens.

Palace of Justice | Antwerp City | 2011

Schijnsluis Antwerp | 2014

Build to replace, demolish to make space, add to subtract, restore to protect, design to make appealing, grow to infinity.

We, as in humans, tend to forget our history, be it intentionally or not. Most often I come acros a certain thing or object left behind by our ancestors and then I see that nobody doesn’t even care. Well maybe not everybody, but still not many try to protect these things.

As you can see in the photo above. This one is taken in 2014 and it has been completely demolished to be replaced by a huge hospital (ZNA Cadix), which is in construction since May 2016.

Nieuwe Kaaien Antwerp | 2019

Lege Kaaien Antwerp | 2019

Het Steen  | 2016

Meiresluis Kruibeke | 2015

The Moon

Through a telescope and Canon 5DM III

A beautiful sunset | 2017

Antwerp Quayside Sewers | 2014

A beautiful sunset | 2017