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Where the Couchsurfing community brought us and what is it?

By Alan & Lourdes | Budget Travellers

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The Community

Alan was introduced to the Couchsurfing idea after simply searching about it online to find an easy way to connect with fellow travel-loving people like him. And on August 6, 2016, he started doing hangouts in his own city Antwerp together with a bunch of people from different nationalities. It was Couchsurfing Hangouts that made him open up his quite introverted self-being and it worked out quite well at the time.

He enjoyed the Couchsurfing way of thinking and invited travellers alike who were looking for a free couch to crash on and they were happy to have almost a whole house for them alone, except that they had to share it with Alan as he was still home at the time his parents and sisters went on a short trip without him.

It was during the year 2015 that he learned about the Couchsurfing website and their statement; staying at someone’s property and sleep either on their floor or couch for free. He planned a trip to Riga, Latvia, but as he was brand-new on the site he couldn’t find a place to stay for free.

Not that he didn’t want to pay for hotels or anything, in fact he had to pay for one as he couldn’t find a free couch. But for once in his travel life sleeping on a couch for free would be a very nice thing to happen, and it saves the wallet from being empty while returning back home.

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